The Things People Forget On Moving Day

Having jumped through buying and selling hoops it’s no wonder we forget basics!

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Having jumped through all the hoops of the buying and selling process, it’s no wonder we forget the basics come moving day.

One local who sold her Glebe Estate property in Chiswick W4 through estate agent OliverFinn, forgot to take her cat.

"It took two days to catch the pet as it was frightened of the new owners", says Christian Harper, who has many years experience of helping locals navigate the process of buying and selling houses and flats in Chiswick.

"The cat was eventually reunited with its forgetful owner but there is a twist to the tale. The owner ended up moving to Australia and the pet was adopted by the people who bought the Glebe Estate house. So the moggie moved back to its original home".

However it's not just Chiswick residents who are caught off guard on moving day. Following a survey of UK removal companies by online removal quote firm, here are the top five things that are forgotten when moving home:

  • Tell people you're moving and your moving date - removal firms revealed a range of key people movers neglect to notify. They include utilities providers, the inland revenue, neighbours and in-laws. Some people even forget to notify family members. (Are we sure this isn't deliberate?)
  • Disassemble your flat-packs - wardrobes and beds that were purchased flat-packed and assembled inside may not move in one piece. Disassemble these ready to be packed into the van for the removal firm or pay extra for the service in advance.
  • Make sure white goods are disconnected - some removal firms are unable to unplumb washing machines and dishwashers and most cannot disconnect gas or electric cookers. Remember to turn the services off at the mains and get a professional to prepare them for moving.
  • Pack your bags – incomplete, incorrect or total lack of packing was a common complaint from removal firms. Don't forget to empty and pack the contents of the loft, shed or basement in advance of the day.
  • Ringfence your tea and coffee – don’t bury these with the rest of your kitchen paraphernalia. Mark up a box of essentials and reserve for your family and movers – kettle, tea and coffee, milk, disposable cups and biscuits. A screwdriver, hammer and Allen key may also come in handy.

After months of the moving process, moving day itself always seems to arrive suddenly. But being prepared is the key to a stress-free move. Making a checklist of moving day activities and ticking them off one by one will really help and cut down on the panic.


June 24, 2010