Chiswick Agent Believes Size Does Matter

And if it's a nice one it will add value to your property...

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A well-kept garden in Chiswick is an investment in your W4 property according to Chiswick estate agent Christian Harper.

Gardens should match the size of the property says Harper. “Size matters and to maximize the investment of houses or flats in Chiswick, owners should ensure the garden is the right size for the property.

“For example, singles and newlyweds want neat low-maintenance cottage style gardens. Buyers target the Glebe Estate for example, because it’s central, not because they want a 100 foot garden.

“Expanding families and keen gardeners prefer a home in Grove Park, because they are generally looking for more space and a bigger garden, with a lawn and play area. One Grove Park homeowner though, didn’t think of his target buyer when he removed the back fence from his 60 foot garden to create off-street parking and a deck.”

However there are exceptions to the 'size matters' rule. In the Chiswick school catchment areas for Belmont School and Strand-on-the-Green School for example, buyers want to meet the entry criteria for location, and the size of garden is lower down the priority list.

Beford Park borders

The other exception is Bedford Park and borders. Buyers are willing to sacrifice a larger garden for a central location and proximity to the Bedford Park conservation area.

“Gardens are paramount expecially at this time of year as the property industry is seasonal,” says Harper. “You wouldn’t get the best price for a convertible car in winter. Much better to sell it in summer when buyers can enjoy driving in the sunshine with the top down.

“If you’ve got a garden flat in W4, now is the time to sell, when you can dress it to give the feeling of additional living and dining. If your flat is in a block the best time to sell is in the autumn and winter when buyers don’t have thoughts of barbecues and garden parties. Make your flat a warm and cosy retreat by dressing the hearth and lighting a fire before viewings."

Even if you’re not the world’s greatest gardener, you can make your outside space look inviting. Here are 10 top tips:

1. Maximize curb appeal Keep pathways and pavement clear. Paint faded woodwork and repair fences and window boxes. Clip hedges. Ensure your door number is clearly visible to visitors.
2. Keep gardens tidy Sweep up debris regularly and keep flower beds weeded.
3. Connect with buyers Plant pots can provide some well-needed colour in your garden. Plant or group flower pots together. Yellow evokes a buying emotion.
4. Off the peg It doesn’t matter if you don't have the time to fill your own – go for ready-made.
5. Mow the lawn Cut the grass for a last-minute pick-me-up. Feed the lawn a couple of weeks beforehand to brighten it up and make it look healthy.
6. Bring the outside inside Dress your garden or patio as an additional room to make it feel like a great space for entertaining and relaxing.
7. Meals al fresco Demonstrate its potential for al fresco eating with some strategically placed garden furniture and barbecue.
8. Accentuate the positive Highlight the benefits such as privacy or established vegetation.
9. Don’t forget the shed Demonstrate the extra storage available by making sure it’s clean and tidy.
10. North, south, east or west? Know which way your garden faces and highlight when it gets the sun.

This is simple common sense but neglecting your outside space will focus buyers’ on the hassle and cost of putting things right.


June 30, 2010