"Coffee House" Agency gets all clear

Foxtons given permission to expand into the premises next door

An appeal by Foxtons was upheld by an Inspectorate based in Bristol. They ruled that Foxtons should be allowed to take over the former Chiswick Electrics shop next door to their own premises and expand their offices to create a ‘coffee house' agency. Whilst their coffee serving will prove no threat to local cafes, they are taking over yet another retail outlet for an alternative use.

The Council opposed the Foxton's development stating that it was against the principles of Unitary Development Plan and would ‘discourage variety'. The Inspectorate disagreed and felt that this decision would not create a harmful precedent and neither would the development generate additional parking problems, a point with which residents of Linden Gardens might not concur.

The shop was occupied for many years by a local business, Chiswick Electrics, who were forced to move further along the High Road when the landlord increased their rent threefold. The proprietors say that their Saturday trade has decreased considerably as a result of the move to a new location at 315 Chiswick High Road.

May 22, 2003

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