Agents hail mini-boom in local property

Top end buoyant with Olympics likely to boost prices more

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Sharp fall in local house sales

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Local estate agents are talking of a mini-boom in property prices following a renewed surge in activity. Following a very depressed period in which volumes fell to historic lows there are an increased number of transactions going through particularly at the top end of the market.

With the announcement about the Olympics there is increased optimism that property prices will be well-supported for the next few years. Director of sales for Faron Sutaria, Christine Fox said, "Although most of the events in the games will take place in East London, our area will benefit from improved infrastructure and a general 'feel good factor' in the city."

She pointed out that all of the recent Olympic hosts have seen strong rises in prices in the 5 years before their games commenced.

As in the previous month, although the overall market was relatively quiet there was a high level of activity at the top end of the market. Four properties changed hands at over £1,000,000, in addition there was a sale at over £2,000,000 in Woodstock Road just before the end of April.

This house was the fourth most expensive property to change hands according to the Land Registry. It had also been sold 4 years earlier for £2,350,000 compared to the more recent transaction at £2,550,000.

Faron Sutaria have recently just sold another house in Mayfield Avenue for £1.1 million.

These numbers also do not include a home in Barrowgate Road recently sold for over £2,000,000.

The figures below are from the Land Registry for homes that changed hands during May 2005.

31-May-05 5, Verona Court W4 2JD
31-May-05 Morton House, Chiswick Mall W4 2PS
31-May-05 78, Paxton Road W4 2QX
31-May-05 56, Beaumont Road W4 5AP
27-May-05 152a, Southfield Road W4 1AN
27-May-05 44, Fielding Road W4 1HL
27-May-05 48, Priory Avenue W4 1TY
27-May-05 45, 1 Flat, Eastbury Grove W4 2JT
27-May-05 17, Airedale Avenue W4 2NW
27-May-05 233, Chiswick Village W4 3DF
27-May-05 144, Park Road W4 3HP
27-May-05 16, St Marys Grove W4 3LL
27-May-05 30, Whitehall Park Road W4 3NE
27-May-05 34, Bolton Road W4 3TB
27-May-05 11, Burlington Gardens W4 4LT
40, Berrymede Road
W4 5JD
27-May-05 24a, St Albans Avenue W4 5JP
27-May-05 7, Wilkinson Way W4 5XA
26-May-05 15, Marlborough Crescent W4 1HE
26-May-05 126, Cranbrook Road W4 2LJ
26-May-05 53, Burlington Lane W4 3ET
26-May-05 43, St Albans Avenue W4 5JS
26-May-05 36, Kingscote Road W4 5LJ
25-May-05 21 Homecross House, 32, Fishers Lane W4 1YA
25-May-05 15, Annandale Road W4 2HE
25-May-05 84, Rothschild Road W4 5NS
23-May-05 23 27 Parr Place, 3 Flat, Chiswick High Road W4 2ET
23-May-05 43, Cornwall Grove W4 2LB
23-May-05 83a, Wellesley Road W4 3AT
23-May-05 Bolton Lodge, 1, Bolton Road W4 3TG
20-May-05 Ross House, 1 Flat, Chiswick High Road W4 1TS
20-May-05 52, Priory Road W4 5JA
20-May-05 103, Wilkinson Way W4 5XF
19-May-05 252, Chiswick Village W4 3DF
19-May-05 73, Church Path W4 5BH
19-May-05 1, Coachmaker Mews W4 5JH
18-May-05 39, Merton Avenue W4 1TA
18-May-05 54, Watchfield Court W4 4NB
18-May-05 2, Coachmaker Mews W4 5JH
18-May-05 161, Southfield Road W4 5LB
17-May-05 154, Duke Road W4 2DF
17-May-05 34, St Marys Grove W4 3LN
17-May-05 27, Whitehall Park Road W4 3NE
16-May-05 8, St Georges Road W4 1AU
16-May-05 52, Devonshire Road W4 2HB
16-May-05 4, Thames Crescent W4 2RU
16-May-05 2c, Hearne Road W4 3NJ
13-May-05 Chatsworth Lodge, 14 Flat, Bourne Place W4 2EE
13-May-05 16, Alwyn Avenue W4 4PB
13-May-05 1 Chiswick Green Studios, 31 Flat, Evershed Walk W4 5BW
13-May-05 102, St Albans Avenue W4 5JR
12-May-05 5b, Turnham Green Terrace W4 1RG
12-May-05 10, Eyot Green W4 2PT
12-May-05 76, Wellesley Road W4 3AL
12-May-05 161, Chiswick Village W4 3DG
43, 6 Flat, Grove Park Road
W4 3RU
12-May-05 44 66 Dewsbury Court, 63 Flat, Chiswick Road W4 5RA
11-May-05 43, 3 Flat, Grove Park Road W4 3RU
11-May-05 13, Evelyn Road W4 5JL
10-May-05 27, Southfield Road W4 1AG
10-May-05 10, Coombe Road W4 2HR
10-May-05 61, Wellesley Road W4 3AT
10-May-05 6a, Graham Road W4 5DR
09-May-05 9, Ravensmede Way W4 1TD
09-May-05 136, Duke Road W4 2DF
09-May-05 45, Grove Park Road W4 3RU
06-May-05 20, Merton Avenue W4 1TA
06-May-05 164, Chiswick Village W4 3DG
06-May-05 16, Coniston Close W4 3UG
06-May-05 10, Bridgman Road W4 5BD
06-May-05 54, Thorney Hedge Road W4 5SD
05-May-05 52, Linden Gardens W4 2EH
04-May-05 67, Brookfield Road W4 1DF
04-May-05 108, Woodstock Road W4 1EG
04-May-05 39, Ennismore Avenue W4 1SE
04-May-05 26, Corney Road W4 2RA
04-May-05 50, Antrobus Road W4 5HZ
03-May-05 55, Watchfield Court W4 4NB
03-May-05 55, Watchfield Court W4 4NB

Source: Land Registry

May 6, 2008