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December figures point to continued market strength

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Property sales in July 2006

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With the latest quarterly data from the Land Registry due to be reported next week the details of individual property transactions suggest that the market strength seen in the third quarter of 2006 has continued until the end of the year.

Property in Chiswick reached an all-time high with the average price topping £530,000 between July and September of this year. New figures covering October to December in the W4 area will be published exclusively on this site in February. If you want to be receive them sign up for our weekly e-mail newsletter by clicking here. is the only place that you will find detailed analysis of the Chiswick property market.

Full details of property price trends are in our report on the property market to September 2006.

Date  Address    Price 
29-Dec-06 Lowry Court, Flat 2, Pumping Station Road W4 2SL £350,000
22-Dec-06 32, Ground Floor Flat, Saville Road W4 5HG £244,000
22-Dec-06 Chatsworth Lodge, Flat 34, Bourne Place W4 2EE £450,000
22-Dec-06 32, First Floor Flat, Saville Road W4 5HG £326,000
22-Dec-06 158, Chiswick Village W4 3DG £315,000
22-Dec-06 12 14, Chiswick High Road W4 1TH £430,000
21-Dec-06 52, St Albans Avenue W4 5JR £735,000
21-Dec-06 39, Flat 2, Arlington Gardens W4 4EZ £329,000
21-Dec-06 1, Flat A, Brooks Road W4 3BJ £355,000
21-Dec-06 13a, Grosvenor Road W4 4EQ £249,900
21-Dec-06 32, Ernest Gardens W4 3QU £370,000
20-Dec-06 51, Antrobus Road W4 5HZ £535,000
20-Dec-06 192, Chiswick Village W4 3DG £195,000
20-Dec-06 Jonathan Court, 3, Windmill Road W4 1SA £307,000
20-Dec-06 269, Chiswick Village W4 3DF £250,000
20-Dec-06 83a, Southfield Road W4 1BB £298,000
19-Dec-06 Beverley Court, 19, Wellesley Road W4 4LQ £295,000
19-Dec-06 Old Chiswick Yard, Flat 1, Pumping Station Road W4 2SN £270,000
19-Dec-06 18, St Albans Avenue W4 5JP £460,000
19-Dec-06 96, Cranbrook Road W4 2LJ £375,000
19-Dec-06 124, Flat 4, Devonshire Road W4 2JJ £255,000
19-Dec-06 72, Thames Village W4 3UF £350,000
18-Dec-06 35, Somerset Road, Acton W4 5DW £565,000
18-Dec-06 30, Graham Road W4 5DR £550,000
18-Dec-06 83 85, Flat 5, Barrowgate Road W4 4QS £350,000
18-Dec-06 60, Watchfield Court W4 4NB £282,000
15-Dec-06 Chesterman Court, Flat 30, Corney Reach Way W4 2TP £1,190,000
15-Dec-06 34b, Chiswick High Road W4 1TE £375,000
15-Dec-06 14, Verona Court W4 2JD £1,030,000
15-Dec-06 11, Upham Park Road W4 1PQ £422,000
15-Dec-06 Flanders Mansions, Flat 44, Flanders Road W4 1NF £440,000
15-Dec-06 56, Bath Road W4 1LH £985,000
15-Dec-06 7, Priory Road W4 5JB £475,450
15-Dec-06 3, Whitehall Park Road W4 3NE £800,000
15-Dec-06 15, Brackley Road W4 2HW £765,000
15-Dec-06 Kelvin Court, 1, Spencer Road W4 3SX £250,000
15-Dec-06 40, Staveley Gardens W4 2SA £351,000
15-Dec-06 27, Bollo Lane W4 5LR £445,000
15-Dec-06 20, Waldeck Road W4 3NP £530,000
15-Dec-06 25, Cunnington Street W4 5ER £760,000
15-Dec-06 30, Abinger Road W4 1EL £1,655,000
15-Dec-06 32c, Chiswick High Road W4 1TE £415,000
15-Dec-06 22, Geraldine Road W4 3PA £499,950
15-Dec-06 17, Alexandra Road W4 1AX £575,000
14-Dec-06 27, Flat A, Oxford Road North W4 4DH £168,000
14-Dec-06 10, Hartington Road W4 3UA £1,300,000
14-Dec-06 1 St James Court, 1, Marlborough Crescent W4 1HE £400,000
14-Dec-06 8, Flat 4, Thorney Hedge Road W4 5SD £270,000
12-Dec-06 64, Sutton Court W4 3JF £445,000
12-Dec-06 63, Sutton Court W4 3JF £315,000
12-Dec-06 56, Flat C, Grove Park Gardens W4 3RZ £249,900
12-Dec-06 29, Flat 1, Stile Hall Gardens W4 3BS £365,000
12-Dec-06 33a, Chiswick Lane W4 2LR £300,000
12-Dec-06 15, Glebe Street W4 2BD £692,000
11-Dec-06 51b, Beaumont Road W4 5AL £327,000
11-Dec-06 66, Greenend Road W4 1AJ £490,000
08-Dec-06 Adelphi Court, Flat 9, Park Road North W4 4QF £250,000
08-Dec-06 379, Flat 3, Chiswick High Road W4 4AG £285,000
08-Dec-06 17, Chiswick Village W4 3BY £239,950
08-Dec-06 178, St Albans Avenue W4 5JU £249,995
08-Dec-06 56, Flanders Road W4 1NG £775,000
08-Dec-06 28, Eastbury Grove W4 2JZ £279,950
08-Dec-06 21 Homecross House, Flat 58, Fishers Lane W4 1YA £184,000
08-Dec-06 4, Queen Annes Grove W4 1HN £1,500,000
08-Dec-06 7, Brookfield Road W4 1DE £625,000
08-Dec-06 5, Sutherland Road W4 2QR £335,000
08-Dec-06 3, Malthouse Drive W4 2NR £540,000
08-Dec-06 91, Devonshire Road W4 2HU £650,000
07-Dec-06 78, Hatfield Road W4 1AF £300,000
07-Dec-06 24, Balfern Grove W4 2JX £771,500
07-Dec-06 Flanders Mansions, Flat 36, Flanders Road W4 1NF £398,500
06-Dec-06 73, Woodstock Road W4 1EE £1,220,000
06-Dec-06 26, Windrush Close W4 3TQ £275,000
06-Dec-06 19, Pyrmont Road W4 3NR £570,000
06-Dec-06 12, Hadley Gardens W4 4NX £1,176,500
05-Dec-06 118, Airedale Avenue South W4 2PX £537,000
05-Dec-06 83 85, Flat 8, Barrowgate Road W4 4QS £542,000
05-Dec-06 24, Flat 2, Wellesley Road W4 4BN £292,500
04-Dec-06 44, Oxford Gardens W4 3BW £245,000
04-Dec-06 Chatsworth Lodge, Flat 27, Bourne Place W4 2EE £255,000
04-Dec-06 85, Esmond Road W4 1JE £958,500
04-Dec-06 124, First Floor Flat, Barrowgate Road W4 4QP £325,000
01-Dec-06 Sutton Court Mansions, Flat 8, Grove Park Terrace W4 3JH £285,000
01-Dec-06 138, Sutton Court Road W4 3HT £607,110
01-Dec-06 1a, Saville Road W4 5HQ £330,000
01-Dec-06 43, Somerset Road, Acton W4 5DW £520,000
01-Dec-06 106, Southfield Road W4 1AZ £365,000
01-Dec-06 47, Oliver Close W4 3RL £445,000


Property sales in November 2006

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Source: Land Registry