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Still no evidence of a price slump in the local area

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Property sales in August 2008

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Despite widespread doom and gloom over the economy and financial markets Chiswick property prices still seem to be holding their own.

An analysis of the latest sales show that the average price for a property changing hands in September was £594,295* one of the highest levels on record. Although too few properties have been reported for October to reach a conclusion two of those sold during the month have gone for over £1 million.

During the third quarter of the year prices rose by 7.9% compared to the previous three months. This put the average price of a Chiswick property for the period at £564,594.

One explanation for the apparent resilience of the market so far could be that the mix of properties being sold is changing with more family homes exchanged and fewer flats.

  • September - £594,295
  • August - £558,742
  • July - £584,402
  • June - £618,606
  • May - £583,081
  • April - £536,945

The May figures exclude the £12,500,000 sale of Jasper Conran's home on Chiswick Mall the most expensive ever in W4.

Christopher Simon, Sales Manager at Faron Sutaria Estate Agents told "The trend we have noticed is the realisation by the Vendors of houses and larger properties in Chiswick that the market had adjusted and hence in late August and early September, Vendors of such properties both reduced asking prices and accepted offers they had previously refused. Therefore, these figures reflect instead that more large properties sold instead of smaller flats during these months.

"Our experience shows us that the decline in price per square foot is broadly in line with the London market and where Vendors are realistic about the price of their property, sales are being agreed."

The table below shows the details of individual property transactions in the Chiswick area most recently reported to the Land Registry.

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* Number later revised up to £611,249




87, Ravensmede Way, W4 1TQ 215000 30/09/2008
45, Magnolia Road, W4 3RB 465000 26/09/2008
119, Sutton Court, W4 3EE 533000 26/09/2008
34, Wilton Avenue, W4 2HY 700000 26/09/2008
9, Lonsdale Road, W4 1ND 1250000 26/09/2008
Flat 13, 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Evershed Walk, W4 5BW 920000 26/09/2008
Flat 11, Garrick House, Devonshire Road, W4 2AL 225000 24/09/2008
15, Cleveland Avenue, W4 1SN 845000 24/09/2008
14, Chiswick Village, W4 3BY 220000 22/09/2008
45, Homefield Road, W4 2LW 1175000 19/09/2008
142, Chiswick Village, W4 3DQ 270000 19/09/2008
Flat 3, 32 Grosvenor Lodge, Wellesley Road, W4 4BN 321000 19/09/2008
37, Monmouth Close, W4 5DQ 249950 19/09/2008
Flat 3, 47, Sutton Lane South, W4 3JR 300000 18/09/2008
5, Wavendon Avenue, W4 4NP 875000 18/09/2008
145, Acton Lane, W4 5HW 475000 18/09/2008
4, Corney Reach Way, W4 2TU 1050000 18/09/2008
20, Staveley Gardens, W4 2SA 350000 16/09/2008
13, Dale Street, W4 2BJ 840000 15/09/2008
41, Wavendon Avenue, W4 4NT 1150000 15/09/2008
4, Dale Street, W4 2BL 740000 12/09/2008
266, Chiswick Village, W4 3DF 340000 12/09/2008
20, Bollo Lane, W4 5LP 600000 11/09/2008
Flat 25, 21 Homecross House, Fishers Lane, W4 1YA 180000 09/09/2008
3, Woodstock Road, W4 1DS 1880000 09/09/2008
15, Devonshire Road, W4 2EU 335000 08/09/2008
49, Chiswick Common Road, W4 1RZ 750000 05/09/2008
129, St Albans Avenue, W4 5JS 390000 05/09/2008
26, Chiswick High Road, W4 1TE 386000 04/09/2008
42, Constable Court, Chaseley Drive, W4 4BD 242500 04/09/2008
33, Ennismore Avenue, W4 1SE 900000 03/09/2008
47a, Netheravon Road, W4 2NA 405000 02/09/2008
85, Riverview Grove, W4 3QP 380000 01/09/2008
22, Wilmington Avenue, W4 3HA 825000 01/09/2008


Property sales in August 2008

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Source: Land Registry

January 27, 2009