Chiswick Property Sales - March 2011

Most recent transactions suggests prices moving even higher

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The most recent sales reported to the Land Registry are giving reason to believe that prices in the Chiswick area have continued to move upwards since the record levels seen in the first quarter of this year

Sales in April so far have average £908,584 although with only 25 transactions reported so far and a tendency for higher value sales to be processed quicker this is likely to reduce by the time all the sales during the month have been reported. Eight of the sales during the month were for properties which sold for over £1,000,000.

For March the average sale price was £719,851 an all-time monthly high.

The average property in Chiswick cost more than £680,000 in the first three months of this year. The previous highest quarterly average was in the third quarter of last year.

Despite the numbers some agents remain cautious. OliverFinn's Christian Harper believes that the market is developing an overhang as more opportunistic agents are encouraging their clients to be over-optimistic. His firm have done exhaustive market research which is suggesting that the picture may be less plosive than the headlines suggest. It has found that 408 properties have been placed on the market since 11th February 2011 using all of Chiswick's many estate agents yet only 76 are currently either under offer or sold.

House prices in London are now the only in the country that have risen compared with the same period last year. The Land Registry's House Price Index shows that the average price in the capital was £336,828 in March 2011 up by 0.8% compared to the same month last year.

For England and Wales the average price is now £160,996 down by 2.3% from March 2010. Prices in the north east have fallen by 9.3% and in Wales they are down by 7.2%.

The latest reported sales are given in the table below.

The numbers below are subject to revision as is it usual that some properties are added late to the Land Registry's database.

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March 2011 Property Sales in Chiswick

Price (£)
9, Milnthorpe Road, W4 3DX £1,300,000 31/03/2011
15, Annandale Road, W4 2HE £873,000 31/03/2011
52, Alwyn Avenue, W4 4PB £1,450,000 31/03/2011
27, Saville Road, W4 5HG £765,000 31/03/2011
10, Sharon Road, W4 4PD £1,425,000 31/03/2011
67a, Whellock Road, W4 1DY £450,000 30/03/2011
31a, Clovelly Road, W4 5DU £299,950 30/03/2011
191a, Chiswick High Road, W4 2DR £348,000 28/03/2011
520, Flat 15, Chiswick High Road, W4 5RG £545,000 28/03/2011
Starboard House, 76b, Grove Park Road, W4 3QA £1,500,000 25/03/2011
59, Duke Road, W4 2BN £905,000 25/03/2011
68, Netheravon Road, W4 2NB £989,000 24/03/2011
228, Acton Lane, W4 5DL £600,000 24/03/2011
102, Rusthall Avenue, W4 1BS £1,050,000 23/03/2011
57, Duke Road, W4 2BN £875,000 23/03/2011
229, Chiswick Village, W4 3DF £239,950 22/03/2011
87, Burlington Lane, W4 3ET £775,000 22/03/2011
23, Riverview Road, W4 3QH £570,000 21/03/2011
211, Staveley Gardens, W4 2TE £340,000 21/03/2011
Nicholas Court, Flat 27, Corney Reach Way, W4 2TS £460,000 21/03/2011
25, Elliott Road, W4 1PF £892,000 21/03/2011
5, Coniston Close, W4 3UG £830,000 21/03/2011
60, St Marys Grove, W4 3LW £950,000 18/03/2011
150, Staveley Gardens, W4 2SQ £370,000 18/03/2011
1a, Sutton Court, W4 3JG £440,000 18/03/2011
6, Powell Place, W4 2EY £400,000 18/03/2011
4, Powell Place, W4 2EY £420,000 18/03/2011
61a, Wilkinson Way, W4 5XD £285,000 18/03/2011
25, Dukes Avenue, W4 2AA £2,326,509 18/03/2011
324a, Chiswick High Road, W4 5TA £575,000 17/03/2011
8, Staveley Gardens, W4 2SA £350,000 17/03/2011
15, Flat 3, Bolton Road, W4 3TE £250,000 15/03/2011
8, Flat 3, Oxford Road North, W4 4DN £317,500 14/03/2011
15, Sutton Lane North, W4 4LA £760,000 11/03/2011
28, Coombe Road, W4 2HR £535,000 11/03/2011
Chatsworth Lodge, Flat 18, Bourne Place, W4 2EE £335,000 11/03/2011
77a, Fielding Road, W4 1DA £465,000 10/03/2011
Bedford House, Flat 3, The Avenue, W4 1UD £350,000 10/03/2011
Maltings Lodge, Flat 4, Corney Reach Way, W4 2TT £332,000 10/03/2011
46, Priory Avenue, W4 1TY £3,000,000 09/03/2011
87, Woodstock Road, W4 1EF
Hartington Court, 17, Hartington Road, W4 3TT
13, Upham Park Road, W4 1PQ
Prebend Mansions, Flat 7, Chiswick High Road, W4 2LU
3, Barrowgate Road, W4 4QX
3, Bridgman Road, W4 5BA
Autumn Rise, 14a, Flat 3a, Sutton Court Road, W4 4NG
34a, Acton Lane, W4 5ED
Autumn Rise, 14a, Flat 8, Sutton Court Road, W4 4NG
28, Geraldine Road, W4 3PA
12, Thornton Avenue, W4 1QG
8, Oxford Gardens, W4 3BW

* Some properties excluded from this table at owners' request

Property sales in February 2011

If you are a member of the site who has recently moved into one of these properties and do not wish to have the details displayed here just let us know and we will remove them.

Source: Land Registry

September 8, 2011


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