Get Filtered Water Out Of Every Tap With A Hudor Whole House Water Filter

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Get filtered water out of every tap with a Hudor whole house water filter.

You may already pay for bottled water, or take the time to filter your drinking water in a jug. With a Hudor whole house water filter you can get the same clean clear filtered water from your kitchen tap, as well as removing chlorine and other nasties from your shower.

Depending on the unit chosen, you can even get the effect of softened water (no more limescale!) without needing salt.

Connected to the water supply as it enters your house, Hudor water filters provide low maintenance clean clear water throughout your home.

Benefits include:

• Remove chlorine and high levels of metals from your water.
• Salt free softening, reduce limescale but keep the good minerals in your water.
• Reduce headaches and get better skin. Help with eczema.
• Very low maintenance and Eco friendly.

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October 23, 2012