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The Italian Plumber
020 8945 7457

Hello, I'm Samuele from The Italian Plumber. My team and I aim to quickly and efficiently put right anything that's gone wrong with your home's plumbing, which is why we've gaining a valued reputation for reliable work.

Boiler Installation, Boier Repairs/Servicing
Central Heating - Gas - Installation/Servicing
Gas Cooker Installation
Landlord Gas Certificates/Safety Checks
Smart Thermostats
General Plumbing Repairs
Power Flushing
Radiators/Valves/Thermostats Installed/Replaced
Shower Installation/Repair
Under Floor Heating

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Gasworks London
020 8992 3851 / 07809 712 904

Hello.  I'm Dave from Gasworks. We're a local company based in Acton and we serve the local area offering a more personal service.  We're currently offering a one hour free boiler repair for the NHS front line staff. Also the vulnerable and the over 60 in poverty who can't afford to repair the boiler this winter. Postcodes W2-W14. 

I set up Gasworks in 2005 after 15 yrs with British Gas. We have a small team that are experts in repairing and installing boilers mainly Worcester and Vaillant.  Give us a try.

For more information please refer to my website

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07528 400 959
Suite 33, 10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick,  W4 4PH

Local to Chiswick and fully insured.
Refurbishments - full property.
Insurance Works/repairs undertaken.
Bathroom/Wetroom Installation.
Kitchen Installation.
Tiling - walls and floors including undertile heating.
Decorating - Internal and External.
Plumbing & Central Heating.
Electrical works - all domestic works.
Plastering and external rendering.
Plus access to all other trades from 30 years in construction industry.

For enquiries & free quotations please call 07528400959.

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