Phil Martin Plays in Pickwick's

'Live And Loose' gig at Devonshire Road wine bar

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Singer, violinist and guitarist/composer Phil Martin will play Live and Loose in Pickwick’s Wine Bar, Devonshire Road, on Friday, November 23rd.

Phil’s album, ‘Before We Go to Paradise’ is distributed by Proper and his next solo album, ‘ Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ is due for release next spring. It features many of the musicians he has worked with over the years.

You can buy it here, and from many other websites and from most record shops. The YouTube channel can be seen here, which has clips of Phil playing solo as well as with the Bitter Springs! More videos and playlists are being added all the time

You can listen to some of Phil's music on Reverbnation

"My Nativity musical - Christmas No 1: Worship the King has been recorded by Hounslow Light Opera Company, and is available now at £9 from the Hounslow Light Opera Company website on a disc which includes twelve beautiful carols", says Phil.


November 20, 2012