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Introducing ‘Dracula Therapy aka the ‘Vampire Lift’

Platelet rich plasma obtained from your own blood is injected into the area.  The serum is rich in growth factors that stimulates DNA repair and rejuvenates the skin naturally. Improvement of skin texture and tone are noticeable within 3 weeks.  Full collagen regeneration takes up to 3 months.  The treatment takes 30 – 45 minutes and is 100% natural without use of animal products or derivative.  It can be used for the face, neck, décolletage and hands; any site of injury, lines and wrinkles and scars. Please contact us for a free consultation.   Introductory cost £450  

Permanent Hair Reduction with a Flash!

Aesthetic Surgery Clinic has the ‘Ellipse’ IPL Hair Removal system which offers clinically proven, safe and effective long term hair removal.  We have over 15 years experience in hair removal treatments and after working with a number of laser and IPL systems we feel that the ‘Ellipse’ system is the most efficient. 4 – 6 sessions may be required before all the hair follicles are targeted.  From April to the end of August, Aesthetic Surgery Clinic is offering 50% off all IPL Hair Removal and Skin rejuvenation treatments. Please contact us for a free consultation and patch test.

Vellashape II system

Drop a jean size with the ‘Jean Genie’ treatment, a non-surgical body contouring and cellulite treatment.  Dual applicators use a combination of infrared, bi-polar radio frequency and vacuum technology to safely treat desired body areas. Safety and effectiveness of the technology has been successfully demonstrated in clinical trials.  It is the first radio frequency system to be FDA approved and is widely acclaimed in the USA and Europe. Please contact us for a free consultation, treatment plan and 10% discount.

Please quote ‘W4 spring newsletter’ on any of the above treatments. Call 020 8747 4746 email or visit our website



March 21, 2013