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Unit 1F, 33-34 Westpoint,
Warple Way, W3 0RG

phone 0208 993 1597

Yoga West features many of London’s leading yoga and Pilates instructors in a beautiful, friendly and convenient location with prices starting from as little as £7 per hour. For more information go to our website at, email, phone 0208 993 1597 or read below.

For years Chiswick, Acton and Shepherds Bush have been the poor relation when it comes to practicing yoga and Pilates. YogaAt is hoping to rectify this. YogaAt is London’s leading provider of personalised yoga and Pilates programs – with a prestigious client list including Taj Hotels, Quintessentially and West Ham football club as well as many families and schools.

Exactly one year ago YogaAt branched out and opened West London’s first dedicated yoga and Pilates studio (Yoga West) in a converted art-deco factory near to Bedford Park and Turnham Green. It features a 1,000-foot studio space, wonderful 12-foot floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful light.

The studio features dynamic and gentle yoga and Pilates classes with classes and courses for all levels and ages.

We offer regular yoga beginners and Pilates beginners courses for those new to yoga and Pilates.

Dynamic yoga tones your body, works your core and helps you to rejuvenate and relax. Gentle yoga helps you switch off, stretch and relax. Pilates isolates difficult to reach muscles and joints and improve body tone, posture and body awareness.

YogaAt has been fortunate enough to attract some of London’s leading instructors who now also teach at Yoga West. One of our handpicked team of highly experienced, professional and friendly yoga or Pilates instructors will ensure you get the yoga or Pilates session you are looking for from your visit.

Yoga West also has regular kids yoga and mother and baby yoga classes.

We have free parking at the studio so there is no excuse for not coming to classes! Otherwise the studio is 12 minutes walk from Turnham Green, 7 minutes walk from Acton Central and easy to reach by bus, bike or on foot from Chiswick, Shepherd’s Bush or Acton. You can call us on 0208 993 1597 for more information on getting here or for any other query.


November 29, 2012