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Torron Lee Dewar receives special award for his work in the community

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Footage of the dancers can be viewed on


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Local dancer Torron-Lee Dewar has received special award from the Mayor of Hounslow for his work in the community.

Torron founded the Alliance Dance Unit with an aim to keep young people of the street and away from petty crime and give them something good to focus on with dance and performing arts.

Early this year he was given a government grant to open his Alliance Dance Unit at Brentford Football Ground Griffin Park which continues to receive support from local councillors Andrew Dakers and Matt Harmer as well as Hounslow Council, Brentford Football Club Brentford Learning Zone and Combination Dance Richmond Theatre.

Alliance's dance units are made up up 22 children and teenagers from Chiswick, Brentford and South Ealing. There is already a waiting list of more 30 hoping to join the project.

Mayor Paul Lynch was the special guest at Green Dragon School, Brentford for a performance during which Torron and his dance unit Alliance everyone with a freestyle routine. The Elite unit (pictured) made up of Torron-Lee Dewar, Chloe Potter, Josie Millar, Arron Strutt, Karim Hassan were also special guests at last week's St Georges Day event before making a guest performance at The Royal National Hotel Russell Square.

Footage of the dancers can be viewed on

April 28, 2010