Cancer Survivor Joins London Pride Walk To Say "Thank You"

Rani Shukla helping raise money for pioneering work at Hammersmith Hospital

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Participants are asked for a small entrance fee of £5 but under 18s are free. For more details visit or call 08701 602040 to register those under 18.

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Local secondary teacher Rani Shukla is supporting a local fundraising drive for Cancer Research UK having beaten breast cancer. Rani along with her friends and family will be taking part in the London Pride Walk and Fun Run 2010 on 4th July and is encouraging others to join her to raise money for Cancer Research UK’s pioneering work at Hammersmith Hospital.

The 10km London Pride Walk and Fun Run is supported by local brewers Fuller Smith & Turner. Starting at 10.30am at Homefields Park South next to the Griffin Brewery with an aerobic warm-up the walk or run (participants can choose) commences at 11.00am. Water will be provided halfway round the circular route, and at the finish, Fullers will provide a free drink for everyone.

Participants are asked for a small entrance fee of £5 but under 18s are free. For more details visit or call 08701 602040 to register those under 18.

Rani tells her story: “In June 2008 I found a small lump in my breast and knew instantly that it wasn’t OK. I was initially told it was benign, but then was diagnosed with breast cancer on 6th August 2008. Doctors also told me it was growing really fast.”

“My first thought was for my three children, I wondered how I might tell them. I sat down with them individually, and although they all asked me if I was going to die, I told them that we were going to do everything we could to make me better. My whole family have been brilliant.”

Rani underwent surgery one week after her diagnosis. She explains that the turning point was her meeting with Prof Charles Coombes, Head of Oncology at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, which encompasses Hammersmith hospital.

“I instinctively trusted Prof Coombes, who is an international breast cancer expert. He listened and answered all my questions. He went through all the options, and explained that my best chance was with chemotherapy.”

Following her surgery, Rani received six cycles of chemotherapy followed by 4 weeks of radiotherapy which finished in April 2009.

Although Rani continues to suffer from side effects, including a lung infection which still makes her cough, she says “I keep in all in perspective. I received world-class treatment and I know how lucky I am.”

“I’m so grateful for the treatment I received, and I want to say thank you. This is why I’m supporting the London Pride Walk and Fun Run, which raises money for the work of Cancer Research UK at Hammersmith Hospital.”

Hammersmith Hospital is one of Cancer Research UK ’s pioneering centres. The work there includes investigating links between hormones and breast cancer, and running clinical trials, testing new treatments for breast, lung, and prostate cancer. This life-saving work is funded almost entirely by public donations.

Helen Trenchard, Area Volunteer Manager for Cancer Research UK adds: “We are aiming to recruit 500 people to walk or run on 4th July. There’s lots of entertainment afterwards with an organic BBQ, local dance displays, a chance to meet the Fullers’ dray horse and the Hammersmith hospital research team who will be performing live experiments with surprising results. Entries on the day are very welcome when you will be asked for an entrance fee of £10. Individual entrants and teams are welcome, as is fancy dress.”

The event is only £5 if paid in advance for adults and free for those under 18 and participants are asked to register and then collect sponsorship. They are encouraged to set up their own online fundraising page at and search for London Pride Walk 4th July to ensure their funds reach the campaign.

June 16, 2010