Lara Takes On Paris

Local girl to run Paris Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research


Lara's JustGiving Page can be found here.

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Lara Simson, a Chiswick Resident, is running the gruelling 26.2 miles of the Paris Marathon on the 15th April, in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK. During her childhood, Lara attended schools across West London, starting at Strand on the Green before moving on to St. Mary's, Chiswick; Gumley House, Isleworth and St. Augustine's Priory, Ealing.

Her JustGiving page states that: "I’ve decided to take on the difficult challenge of 26.2 miles, after previously struggling to run just 1! But so many people have suffered from this awful disease and after someone close to me was diagnosed with cancer, I decided to get off my bum and raise some money so that hopefully with more research and work on the causes and prevention of cancer, millions of lives can be saved in the future. Cancer survival rates have doubled in the last 40 years and the work of Cancer Research has been at the heart of that progress. Sadly, more than one in three people will still get cancer at some point in their lives so there’s much more work needed to do. I can’t say I’ve done a lot of exercise prior to the past 4 months of training so it truly has been a challenge for a really good cause! Please help me get the money so we can help the hundreds and thousands of people affected by cancer. Honestly, every little helps so I would greatly appreciate any donations!"

Lara makes full use of the local training facilities, especially the gym and pool at Chiswick's Esporta Complex, as well as running along the river starting at Dukes' Meadows and heading towards Richmond. She sometimes treats herself after a hard session with an ice-cream from Fouberts, but only if it's a sunny day!

March 27, 2012