Police Claim 'Spectacular Success' in the Fight Against Crime

7.1% fall in crime in Hounslow attributed to increase in force numbers

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The Metropolitan Police are hailing new crime statistics which they say mark a 'spectacular success' in the fight against crime.

Crime levels in Hounslow Borough fell by over 7% over the last year well above the London wide fall of 1.8%. However, the figures show an increase in burglaries of 2.3% in the borough, compared with a drop across London of 7.1% Nevertheless burglaries in London are at a 29 year low.

Borough Commander Jeff Harris was delighted with the figures which show that there are 200 hundred less victims of crime a month in his area. There were falls in key areas such as street crime, vehicle crime, race hate crime, violent offences and weapons related crime.

He said the main disappointment was the increase in burglaries but he pointed out that much of that increase was down to one crack addict who recently admitted to 60 offences of residential burglary.

He added, " What we are going to do next year is work even harder to catch more criminals and bring more to justice - remembering that this does not always mean a magistrates' court. For example, anyone arrested for drunken disorderly behaviour or anti-social behaviour in this borough will at the very least receive a £80 fixed penalty ticket. This will save the Police time, effort and mean they get back on the streets quicker."

Chief Superintendent Harris told us that the long process of introducing dedicated Police Teams - a Sergeant, two PC's and Three PCSO's -on each ward is making progress. The process will take some time but by October three wards will have teams.

He said, "I wholeheartedly believe these teams will make immense differences to the quality of life for our community. It's not actually new as in 1829 Sir Richard Mayne - Home Secretary at the time of the founding of the Met. Police - stated quite clearly what the aim of the Police was - and it's almost exactly the same as what we want to do today ! The difference is that - provided the money is forthcoming from H.M Govt and the GLA/Mayo'rs Office/MPA - we are beginning to have the numbers of Police available to make things happen."

Key results for Hounslow in 2003 - 2004 include...

  • Over 7% drop in street crimes through Operation Safer Streets employing high visibility and undercover tactics
  • 11% cut in auto-crime through raising awareness, partnership activity, targeted patrolling, and use of CCTV
  • 7% reduction in all crime with fewer residents, workers and visitors suffering injury, loss or harm last year
  • 24 new Police Community Support Officer’s on high visibility patrols, impacting on drug supply, shoplifting, burglary and fear of crime
  • 13 Anti Social Behaviour Orders issued and 60 Acceptable Behaviour Contracts

The results were praised by Hounslow's candidate for the London Assembly, Seema Malhotra. Seema said "The success reflected in these figures is the direct result of deliberately tough and testing targets set by the MPA, the big increase in police numbers, effective community and borough-based partnerships, and the unstinting effort put in by police officers across Hounslow".

"The introduction of Police Community Support Officers across Hounslow is also starting to make a real difference in deterring nuisance and anti-social crimes. I'm confident that we'll see greater improvements across the board as dedicated police teams are introduced under the Safer Neighbourhoods initiative."

Across London, burglary is down 7.1 per cent to a 29 year low, auto-crime down 7.1 per cent and there has been a 4.2 per cent reduction in street crime offences.

Seema Malhotra continued "There are more police in London than ever before thanks to the work of Ken Livingstone and the London Assembly. These figures show that our investment in the Metropolitan Police is paying dividends."

Apr 2003 - Mar 2004 Apr 2002 - Mar 2003
Hounslow MPS Total Hounslow MPS Total
Total Crimes 30,416 1,060,930 32,842 1,080,741
Homicide 7 211 2 195
Robbery 820 40,640 954 42,496
Street Crime 1,139 56,455 1,228 58,929
Burglary (Total) 3,450 105,361 3,374 113,427
Burglary Residential 2,131 67,996 1,968 72,237
Burglary Non-Residential 1,319 37,365 1,406 41,190
Gun Crime 80 3,576 91 3,862
Vehicle Crime 7,142 225,610 8,025 242,843
Sexual Offences 285 10,200 308 10,427
Violence Against the Person (Total) 6,946 186,188 7,110 178,802
Grievous Bodily Harm 112 4,908 139 4,935
Actual Bodily Harm 1,383 38,219 1,633 37,342
Common Assault 3,096 88,093 3,159 86,728
Possession of an Offensive Weapon 169 8,758 168 8,340
Harassment 1,619 33,591 1,567 30,940
Other Violence 560 12,415 442 10,328

May 7, 2004