Tony Arbour Fined for Pavement Cycling

Local London Assembly member caught in safety blitz

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Tony Arbour AM

Mayor Pledges Safer Lorry Charge To Protect London Cyclists

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The Greater London Assembly Member for the local area has received a £50 fixed penalty notice for cycling on the pavement.

The representative for the South West London constituency, which covers the boroughs of Hounslow and Richmond, was caught up in a blitz on cycling offences called Operation Safeway which began last month.

According to Boris Johnson during Mayor's Question Time this week 755 cyclists have been fined since the beginning of the operation which is a response to a recent spike in the number of cycling fatalities in London.

However, the operation has attracted some criticism after an e-mail from a police inspector was published designating the number of penalty charge notices to be issued to cyclists each months. Cycling groups have criticised the implementation saying a quota system will encourage the police to go for 'softer' and easier to prosecute offences such as riding on pavements near dangerous roads.

Cllr. Arbour refused to make excuses after getting the fine and told us, "I take safe cycling seriously and was praising the police for doing a sterling job."

December 19, 2013