Report on the Southfield Ward Forum

Gary Malcolm reviews the decisions made at the meeting

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The ward forum meeting took place at the Carlton Day Centre and a lot of issues were discussed. Present was one Ealing Council's recycling officers, the local police team and a park ranger. The following was agreed:

1/ Lighting Southfield Rec - after a good discussion the ward agreed to fund a consultation for the 1000 or so residents around the Rec to see if they might benefit from having the Rec lights installed at night. We also agreed to see what anti-crime measures (a night camera) might be installed to reduce any crimes that a lit park could attract.

2/ We also agreed to spend money on the following ward proposals -

  • Feasibility Study into road traffic concerns on Cunnington Street
    Newspaper recycling bins outside Chiswick Park tube (x1) and South Acton stations (x1)
  • Mixed collection recycling bins outside Chiswick Park tube (x1); at the west side of The Avenue near the E3 bus stop(x1); at the junction of Brookfield Road and 5-7 Southfield Rd (x1); and at the Acton Green side of Fishers Lane (x1)
  • Street signs for Acton Lane at the junction of Beaconsfield Road
  • Feasibility study into traffic numbers at the Larden Road - The Vale junction
  • Alteration to the wall layout in the Beaconsfield (Prime Ministers) estate to reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Contribution to the Sunflower Club (a senior citizen's social club)
  • Planting Wildflower on Southfield Rec near to Wilkinson Way
  • Adding a path near the old playground of Southfield Rec. with a Hoggin groundcover
  • Funding for W4 Youth for them to expand their equipment in their youth club
  • Installing two picnic tables in Acton Green Common near to the playground
  • Installing two picnic tables in Southfield Rec. near to the playground
  • A replacement tree for The Avenue
  • Lighting for the alleyway between Woodstock Road and Southfield Road

3/ The local police team gave details of the two recently approved dispersal zones for Acton Green Common / Beaconsfield Estate and Southfield Rec (they give the police powers for the next few months to move people on if they are causing anti-social behaviour)

Tweet @CllrGaryMalcolm if you want to suggest an item for the agenda of the next meeting.

If you want more information please email me via or call me on 07813 205218.


Cllr. Gary Malcolm - Liberal Democrat representative for Southfield Ward

Item originally published on Gary's blog


September 14, 2011