Google Wipes Out Local Park

Map service takes away common land and local tube service

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Stamford Brook Resident's Association

Report Errors on Google Maps

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A local residents' group is turning up the heat on Google in an attempt to get them to correct a number of errors on their map service.

The Stamford Brook Resident’s Association wants local people to contact Google and point out local errors. The Stamford Brook and Chiswick areas shown in Google maps are filled with errors.

Stamford Brook Common is not shown at all whereas Google appear to believe that Acton Green Common extends all the way to Prebend Gardens and around roads like Merton Avenue and Upham Park Road. The District and Piccadilly line also have gone missing and King Street has extended its reach into Chiswick.

There is a link on the Stamford Brook Residents site to the complaints web site where people can register errors in their maps.  These can sometimes take months to get acknowledged, but if lots of people respond to this call then maybe Google will take it upon themselves to fix the problems with the map much sooner.

August 25, 2010