Google Promises To Delete Wi-Fi Data

After its Street View Cars collected the information 'by accident'
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Internet Search Engine Google has confirmed it will delete all of the Wi-Fi data which was accidentally collected by its Street View Cars in the UK. The move came after an audit carried out by a German data protection discovered that the Cars had been inadvertently gathering snippets of data.

Google has also pledged to improve the way it handles data and has agreed to a full audit of the company's privacy policy, training programs and privacy reviews for new products and services. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) welcomed the news confirmed that they will carry out an audit of the company sometime during the next nine months.

The Wi-Fi data is just one of issues surrounding Google Street Views that have caused controversy. Local residents were upset to discover that Stamford Brook Common is not shown at all whereas Google appear to believe that Acton Green Common extends all the way to Prebend Gardens and around roads like Merton Avenue and Upham Park Road. The District and Piccadilly line also have gone missing and King Street has extended its reach into Chiswick.

A little further afield an German has become the butt of internet jokes after being photographed apparently naked on Google Street View.

On a more positive note though morbidly obese Bob Mewse lost seven stone after he saw himself on Google Street View.

November 22, 2010