Public Meeting To Debate Heathrow Trials

Mary Macleod says Daylight Savings Bill would have helped flightpath noise levels

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Local residents looking forward to more sleep were disappointed last week as the controversial Daylight Savings Bill failed to get passed through Parliament.

The bill, which would have put clocks forward by one hour during the winter, could have meant an extra hours respite from aircraft noise under current flight plans. Local MP Mary Macleod commented: “It is a shame that this bill did not go through as it would have helped people living close to the flight path. The Daylight Savings Bill wouldn’t have solved all of the issues but it would have certainly been a positive step.”

The MP for Brentford and Isleworth has organised a public meeting to discuss the impact of the recent Operational Freedoms Trials and their effect on local residents. Mary added, “Heathrow Airport is vital to the local economy and a major employer, however it is essential that the impact on resident’s quality of life is fully assessed. The Operational Freedoms Trials currently taking place mean some people are experiencing increased disruption to their quality of life. I have decided to call a public meeting where local people can discuss any concerns with BAA directly.”

The public meeting will take place on Thursday 9th February at West Thames College, Isleworth and is open to all local residents concerned over the current trials. Mary added, “It is important that local people make their voices heard during these trials. Though BAA is holding a public consultation over the effect of these trials, local people have been calling for an opportunity to discuss their concerns face to face; this public meeting will give them that opportunity.”

The public meeting will be chaired by Mary Macleod MP and representatives from BAA will attend to and update and answer questions. It will take place on Thursday 9th February, 6:30pm at West Thames College, Isleworth, TW7 4HS.

January 30, 2012