Local MP Welcomes New Prison Plan

Mary Macleod says modernisation of the Feltham centre is needed

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Local MP Mary Macleod today welcomed the Lord Chancellor’s plan to build a new prison and youth centre on the site of Feltham Young Offenders Institution, as well as a number of prisons across the UK.

Mary said: “I was pleased to hear the Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, outline these plans today. It is important that our already radical reforms to the justice system include modernisation of our prisons.

"This will help to tackle the soaring costs we saw under the previous Government as well as guaranteeing more prison places by 2015.

"This is no easy task – once again the Coalition has been tasked with doing more with less because of Labour’s mismanagement of our finances. But I strongly believe that the Lord Chancellor and his team will deliver the changes we need to build a modern, affordable, world-class justice system.”


September 6, 2013

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