Mary Macleod Meets TNT To Discuss Post

Local MP raises concerns about trial deliveries

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Local MP Mary Macleod has held a meeting with TNT to discuss their trial postal delivery in Chiswick which has been criticised as inefficient by some local residents.

The complaints range from problems with mail being delivered to the wrong addresses, to people not receiving mail, to the new TNT postal workers not being able to gain access to blocks of flats, and problems with people changing address and not having mail re-directed.

TNT has blamed teething problems and said it has worked to address the issues.

For the past few months Chiswick residents are having their post delivered by two different companies, as TNT Post, part of the Dutch TNT group, gets a foothold in the domestic mail delivery market in competition to Royal Mail.

The TNT post, which has a TNT logo instead of a stamp,is being delivered to 250,000 addresses in west London.

Following her meeting Mary said it was important that TNT and the Royal Mail work together to ensure the highest quality provision for people across the UK.

In a statement Mary said: “I had a positive discussion with TNT about their work in my constituency and I challenged them on some of the points that my constituents had raised with me. I understand that TNT did experience some problems in the early stages of their deliveries – I am assured that this was because their employees needed time to learn the ins and outs of the local area, something which I am sure people can appreciate”

“I would still encourage residents who have experienced poor service to complain to TNT directly. I hope that through this, TNT will be able to continue to improve their work in my constituency and West London as a whole.

People deserve to have an excellent postal service, to get their letters delivered on time and to the right address. With Royal Mail still at the helm of the universal service, it is important that both TNT and Royal Mail work together to ensure the highest quality provision for people across the UK”

Local customers can contact TNT with queries at or phone 0845 601 5827 to customer services.

TNT is part of Dutch-owned TNT Express, and is the UK's largest private mail delivery firm, handling more than 300m letters and parcels a year.

Until now it has been limited to providing a service to bulk mail clients, including local authorities, hospital trusts, as well as businesses such as Tesco, Barclays and Sky. This was due to the Royal Mail’s monopoly on delivery to family homes which has now ended.

The Royal Mail will continue to deliver to local homes, with TNT describing itself as "an alternative postal delivery provider, giving business customers greater choice”.

TNT says the bulk of its mail will be “business to consumer mail” such as bills and statements. People will not be able to opt out of having their mail delivered by TNT as it is the choice of the business client using their service.

Royal Mail is investing £69 million in mail centres across London in addition to nearly £12 million in new automation and new delivery equipment for our postmen and women. It says it will be closely monitoring the new trial service by TNT Post.

Since the UK became one of the first countries in the EU to open the post to full competition in 2006, competitors to Royal Mail now currently 40% of all UK letters, including 70% of bulk mail. The Royal Mail is concerned at the prospect of competitors cherry-picking the most profitable, high-population density routes, and leaving it to deliver to unprofitable routes.

June 14, 2012