Mary Macleod Welcomes Rejection of Reynard Mills Development

MP defends community character and appearance

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Mary Macleod MP today welcomed the decision of the Secretary of State to refuse the appeal of the Reynard Mills development on Windmill Road in Brentford.

Mary said, "I am pleased that the Secretary of State has listened to the concerns of our local community about the impact of the Reynard Mills development. Whilst I am keen to see the development of the area and recognise the urgent need for more housing, it is vital that it is done in a way which fits into the local community."

The application proposed to construct 275 housing units on the site of the Reynard Mills Trading Estate in Brentford. The planned development was deemed to have poor public transport accessibility, would have created considerable pressure for car parking on Windmill Road and was seen to be harmful to the character and appearance of the area.

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March 25, 2013