Local MP Congratulates Police On Crime Figures

But Mary Macleod is concerned about Chiswick burglaries

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”Local MP Mary Macleod has praised the efforts of Hounslow police to reduce crime levels as latest figures show the highest reduction in crime figures for any London borough.

The Crime Survey published in October found that crime levels have more than halved since their peak in 1995. The number of crimes recorded by the police across England and Wales was down 5% in the year ending June 2013 compared to the previous year.

However Mary is still worried about crime in Chiswick and has organised a public meeting to discuss the issue. Thefts from vehicles and thefts of cars and bicycles remain a big problem in W4.

“I am also still concerned about the recent increase in burglaries, particularly in the Chiswick area and will be holding a Public Meeting on Saturday 9 th November at St. Paul’s Church, 56 Grove Park Road, Chiswick, W4 3SB from 10:30-12pm for anyone concerned about this issue.”

In London, Mayor Boris Johnson has set an ambitious target to reduce crime levels by 20%. Crime levels in the Hounslow borough have fallen 15.7% in the last year, the highest level for any London borough.

Mary said:“I want to take this opportunity to thank Borough Commander Carl Bussey and everyone in the Hounslow police force for all they are doing to reduce crime in our area. It’s great to see Hounslow leading the way across London in reducing crime levels.

“I hope we can build on this success in the coming year as I know crime and the fear of crime is something that affects people very much, especially since the dreadful hit and run incident in Brentford this week. I am particularly pleased that our local police have put domestic violence at the top of their priority list and are continuing to improve the way that this is handled.


November 2, 2013