Local MP Resumes 'Stop And Shop' Campaign

Mary Macleod has written to Ed Mayne on the issue

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Mary Macleod has redoubled her efforts to pursuade Hounslow Council to introduce a 30-minute free parking policy across the borough on Small Business Saturday next month (Dec 7th).

At a meeting with small businesses in Chiswick last week, as part of her role of Small Business Ambassador, she received unanimous support for a 30 minute ‘stop and shop’ policy to be adopted.

She has now written a formal letter to Cllr Ed Mayne, who is responsible for parking matters in the borough.

The letter says; "It is disappointing that the Council have failed to provide any confirmation or details about the possibility of 30 minute free parking in the borough. They have not confirmed that they will definitely do it or when it will happen.

"It is clearly something that will benefit local small business, not to mention the advantages it would bring to local residents by greatly improving accessibility to local shops and traders. I truly believe that introducing this policy would provide a lasting contribution to the regeneration of our local high streets. We can do something about this now, so I would urge the Council to take action on this as soon as possible".

She also advocates the ‘HounslowCard’, which could have many additional uses and benefits such as:

  • Providing a ‘top-up’ function, so that residents could pay for parking via the card.
  • Discounted parking for elderly residents and students.
  • A discount when buying from local independent shops signed up to the scheme.

Small Business Saturday started off in the United States and has been a huge success, leading to over 100 million Americans spending $5.5 billion.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council have already introduced a similar scheme to that which Mary advocates to encourage local shoppers to shop on local high streets. In some areas in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, people can park for up to an hour, costing 40p, or 20p for half an hour.

November 7, 2013