'Disgraceful' Living Conditions Slammed By Local MP

Mary Macleod calls meeting in Parliament over Great West Quarter housing issues

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Local MP Mary Macleod has called for a meeting in Parliament with representatives of A2 Dominion and Barratt homes following news that Trico House residents in the Great West Quarter are still suffering from sewage, hot water and heating problems.

The MP for Brentford and Isleworth has pledge to investigate the ongoing issues affecting Trico House residents which have seen residents living in difficult conditions for some time.

Mary said: “Residents of the Great West Quarter have been living with disgraceful living conditions for far, far too long. Just before Christmas, they were without hot water and heating in their homes for several days – an issue which has surfaced time and time again. It is appalling to see families with young children having to suffer these conditions! They have also been subject to a foul stench from sewage, about which I continue to push for answers. I have therefore organised an emergency meeting in Parliament with Barratt Homes and A2Dominion so we can thrash out a solution that will be lasting and binding.”

Last year, after being contacted by a number of her frustrated constituents, Mary called a meeting with all residents to discuss their concerns. The session was attended by members of the residents association, local councillors and representatives from A2Dominion where each party was able to voice their concerns.

Since then Mary has been in contact with the Chief Executives of both A2Dominion and Barratts in an effort to resolve the problems. She said she is fully supportive of the residents at Trico House and the problems they are facing and will continue to work on their behalf to help resolve the situation.

Mary added: “As the local member of Parliament I will continue to represent the views of Trico House residents and push for improvements to the situation at the Great West Quarter. I hope that in the course of discussions with A2Dominon and Barratt Homes we will finally be able to resolve matters for residents.”

January 14, 2014