Communities Secretary Visits Brentford

Local Mary Macleod shows Eric Pickles regeneration area

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Local MP Mary Macleod took the Communities Secretary, Rt Hon. Eric Pickles MP, on a tour organised with ISIS Waterside Regeneration around Brentford to see regeneration sites and the possible location of a new school.

The potential school site, at Commerce Road in Brentford, has been championed by Mary and she has been working with stakeholders to get action.

The Secretary of State’s visit also included a visit to the Brentford Lock West development by ISIS, during which he met ISIS apprentices and volunteers from Cultivate London.

Mary commented: “I was delighted to have the opportunity to show the Secretary of State around Brentford. With the involvement of ISIS and others, Brentford is changing into one of the most dynamic and exciting places in London, so it is right that we look at how we shape it for the future – from schools, roads and public services – to houses, parks and recreation.”

Following a tour of the constituency, Mr Pickles accompanied Mary to a lunch event hosted by Hounslow Chamber of Commerce at Sam’s Brasserie in Chiswick.

He spoke of the importance of bringing people back to town centres and praised local regeneration:

“I’ve seen examples of regeneration today that I’m going to brag about to other communities. To build a successful community you want something that people are truly going to call their own and from what I can see this is exactly what’s happening in Hounslow.”

Mr Pickles went on to add that he was impressed by Mary’s knowledge of the Borough as she talked him through the issues and projects at every step of their journey. He said:
“People say you can’t be personal as a politician but it’s being personal which makes you a great politician, Mary obviously really cares about her constituency.”

April 10, 2014