Halfway Through Her Makeover Journey

White Dental Room's competition winner Jane Cooke talks to us about her experience so far

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Dr. Raffaella Gabassi with competition winner Jane Cooke

White Dental Rooms

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When local mother of four Jane Cooke was chosen as the winner of White Dental Room's Smile Competition she had no idea about the journey she was about to embark on.

Now, halfway through her treatment Jane tells us how she is getting on:

"Wow! What a journey so far! I feel a different person from the one who met Raffaella, Beverley, Emma and Penny at Charlotte’s Bistro in Chiswick one evening back in July 2010 as part of my competition win.

"Raffaella was quick to point out, in the nicest possible way my virtually non existent confidence and self esteem, I used to disguise my mouth and teeth by curling my upper lip over my teeth, using my tongue to ‘hide the gaps’ strategically used hand, gestures of constant effort to disguise.

"Although we are just over halfway through my personal treatment plan, no more lip curling or hand covering my mouth, what a relief and freedom of spirit that allows, my confidence is building all the time. Nevertheless my first appointment with Raffaella still had me feeling anxious not least because of my total embarrassment that I know lay within my mouth, decay, broken teeth, staining and discolouration, my embarrassment was hard to disguise.

"My fears were dissolved the moment my consultation was over, Raffaella assured me that we had hope! I dissolved into tears of relief when I was told what could be achieved, so far on my journey I have had extractions, cleaning, teeth whitening and crowns and on Wednesday 13.10.10 I had my bridge fitted what a difference.

"Early last week my father died at the grand old age of 89, though life was not always easy for him I will always remember his laughter, singing, whistling and of course his smile, my father would want me to carry on smiling through this sad time, after recent talks with his partner I learned that he liked to hear the song ‘bridge over troubled waters’, when my bridge was fitted it was like my own bridge over my own troubled times that led me to neglect my teeth which led me into entering the smile competition

"Now the bridge to my upper left hand side is a bridge to a brighter broader smile. Raffaella’s instant belief in me, her positive genuine desire to make a difference has been uplifting.
Indeed the professionalism of the whole team at White has made this journey so far more positive.

"Thank you does not seem enough I am very grateful to you all for giving me this life changing opportunity."

We continue to follow Jane's progress.


October 19, 2010