Southfield Recreation Ground To Be Lit Up

Locals would feel safer after dark with better lighting

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Cllr. Andrew Steed at Southfield Rec.

Participation in consultation on Southfield Recreational Ground lighting, and

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Local councillors in the Southfield area have responded to public demands that the Southfield Recreation Ground should have better lighting.

The decision was made at last night's (Wednesday, February 8th) meeting of Southfield Ward Forum, and the cost will be £39,000 which will come from Ward Forum funds. The councillors turned down the option of installing a CCTV camera.

Locals were recently invited to give their opinions on lighting up the rec. via a consultation paper which was then considered by the local councillors. Many people responded that they felt the area was unsafe and ill-lit and they avoided walking near the rec. after dark.

The councillor’s decision will now be validated by the leader of Ealing Council.

Councillor Andrew Steed referred to some of the issues involved: "Southfield Recreation Ground is a great local amenity, and we want people to use it as often as possible. It is also used by many people as a travel route: many Chiswick residents access The Vale for on-going travel and many Acton residents walk to Turnham Green Station.

The consultation paper asked whether it would encourage people to use the Park more, either for recreational use or as part of a journey to and from work. There was a perception, and this was apparent in the responses the council received, that the area was not safe when dark, and people went out of their way to avoid it."

Andrew Steed added: “There was a concern about the impact of lighting on local wildlife and we are working with the Council to ensure that the use of lighting timers to provide seasonal flexibility. This was an excellent idea which came from the consultation process."

The cost of the lighting is approximately £39,000. This will come from Ward Forum funds.

Councillor Gary Malcolm commented that this recommendation now goes forward to be approved by the Leader of the Council, who 'signs off' all ward forum decisions across the Borough. Gary Malcolm added: "Hopefully the Council Leader will implement this decision as soon as possible and we can all get extended use of the Recreation Ground".

The paths of the Recreational Grounds in question include the pathway heading northwards from Southfield Road to Mansell Road, as well as the pathway from the centre of the Rec (adjacent to the playground) eastwards to Hatfield Road.

February 10, 2012