Garden Waste Collection....a Slight Reprieve

You now have until May 1st to get rid of your waste for no extra charge

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Residents have been left somewhat confused after seeing garden waste being collected - free - despite a new controversial subscription service being recently introduced.

From 1st April charges for garden waste removal were introduced and subscribers have to sign up and pay £40 for the year, prompting fears and evidence of fly-tipping.

However, forum member Ben Owen, reported that despite being a non-subscriber, garden refuse in the old style pink bags, left out on his road was all collected free of charge on Wednesday.

Numerous 'teething problems' in the first two weeks of Enterprise's new contract have led to hundreds of complaints and calls for clarity over what exactly is going on.

We asked the Council about the situation regarding garden waste.

A spokesperson said: ''It was always anticipated that during the transition period pink sacks would still be picked up on the fortnightly collection day to give those who had not got around to subscribing a further opportunity to sign-up to the service.

"From 1 May, Enterprise will only collect garden waste from subscribers. Residents who have not signed-up but still put out waste in the old sacks will be given a card explaining how they can register.

''The annual charge remains the same for anyone signing up in the first six months of the service, so those who signed up early have not lost out in any way."

More information about the new service is available here


19th April 2012