Tory Group Leader Steps Down

David Millican moves aside after Conservatives' poor election result

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The Conservative Group Leader on Ealing Council has stepped down in the wake of disappointing election results for the party.

Labour took control for a second term last week after winning 53 of the total 69 seats in the council. The Conservatives were left with just 12 seats (from a previous 24) and the Liberal Democrats have four (losing one).

Conservative Councillor, David Millican, retained his Northfield seat but has now made way for a new group leader - Hanger Hill Councillor, Greg Stafford.

Cllr Millican said: ''Obviously I was disappointed with the outcome in Ealing last week.  I acknowledge the results across London, which were hard for us to counter locally.  As soon as I heard the results in neighbouring Hammersmith & Fulham I realised what that would mean for us in Ealing.

''I have stepped aside for my colleague Greg Stafford to lead the Conservatives locally.  With fewer opposition councillors it will be harder for us to hold the current administration to account, but we will remain vigilant. However I was proud to be re-elected myself and I see it as a privilege to represent the community where I live.''

Meanwhile despite their national problems - and losing one seat locally - Liberal Democrats say they remain intact as a group.

In Southfield ward three Liberal Democrat councillors were returned with an increased share of the vote compared to four years ago. In Ealing Common, Councillor Jon Ball, was re-elected. The loss was in Elthorne where Lib Dem Councillor Nigel Bakhai was ousted along with Conservative, Anita Kapoor.

Councillor Gary Malcolm, Liberal Democrat Leader, said: ''The Liberal Democrats avoided what some said would be a wipe-out because we work locally and have policies that will help the residents of Ealing. Our most important one is to protect day centres and vulnerable users such as those at the Carlton Road Day Centre.''


28th May 2014