'Dodgy' Parking Ticket Claims To be Investigated

Council and contractor deny parking ticket targets

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Ealing Council say they will investigate claims that traffic wardens have been giving out 'dodgy' tickets to meet quotas.

The allegations have been made to the BBC London's Inside Out programme by civil enforcement officers (CEOs) in Camden and Ealing. Both councils have contracts with NSL, the UK's biggest parking contractor.

The BBC was told that fraudulent photographs and false evidence in pocket books has been used to help increase the number of penalty charge notices (PCNs) issued.

A secret recording of one NSL manager in Ealing reveals him putting pressure on CEOs to increase their ticket issuing rates. He warns that overtime and jobs could be at risk.

Both Camden and Ealing have denied setting targets on the number of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to be issued and deny any wrong doing.

A spokesperson from Ealing said:

'' Our parking contract, practices and tickets are entirely lawful. We have never asked NSL to meet ticket quotas, nor do we pay incentives or impose penalties for the number of tickets issued.

"The Department of Transport says it is good practice for councils to set revenue forecasts in advance. But our parking contract has no conditions or performance measures around the number of PCNs issued.

''We judge our contractor's performance on the quality of service provided including reviewing the number of correctly issued tickets. Over the last three years the number of parking tickets being issued has reduced significantly as has the number of tickets being challenged.

"Any allegations that parking regulations are not being enforced consistently, professionally and legally would be investigated thoroughly. "

In a statement to the BBC, NSL said: "NSL is not contracted by any local authority to meet targets for PCNs issued.

"If evidence is provided that suggests our employees have not complied with our policies and procedures we will investigate and take the appropriate action.




Watch the full report on Inside Out London on BBC One on 23 September at 19:30.


22nd September 2013