Footsteps Invite You To 'Out Of Africa'

Feel the warmth of the African sun in Wimbledon on a cold January day

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If you would like to join us then tickets are available from Suzanne on or by text on 07831 877776.

Footsteps is a charity that focuses on changing the lives of children living in the desperately poor communities around Kisumu, near Lake Victoria in Kenya. It is run entirely voluntarily and every penny raised goes to fund our work in Kenya.

The aim is to give the children the opportunity to reach their potential as individuals and to become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing members of their communities. To this end Footsteps have focused on improving the educational environment of the children.

This has been done in a variety of ways:

  • by building schools, providing education materials and teaching support
  • providing the local communities with access to clean water;
  • funding the provision of medical facilities to help prevent deaths from easily treatable illnesses such as diarrhoea and malaria as well as HIV/AIDS;
  • through a successful child sponsorship programme for particularly disadvantaged children; we invite individuals and families in the UK to provide direct support to children who would otherwise not be able to go to school and face a life on the streets
  • identifying and facilitating opportunities for the children to enter employment or further education when they leave school
  • through an annual voluntary ‘Rafiki‘ programme aimed at broadening the experience of the children: every year we take a team of volunteers from the UK over to the schools to meet the children and run a ‘summer camp’, introducing sports, arts and life skills and providing some understanding of the world outside their village.


October 22, 2013