Call On Council To Help Victims Of Female Genital Mutilation

Conservative councillors fear practice growing in the borough

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The Conservative Group of Councillors will lead a motion tonight (Jan 28) calling on Hounslow Council to stamp out the growing practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the Borough.

They describe it as a “barbaric practice” and “diabolical and degrading to the dignity of women”. The latest figures show that West Middlesex Hospital recorded the following statistics of women who gave birth, showing signs of FGM-

2009 – 56;

2010 – 39;

2011 – 58;

2012 – 48

In addition, the councillors will call for more to be done by the Council in helping those who may have suffered in the past.

Conservative Spokesperson on Children and Young People, Councillor Lin Davies, who is proposing the motion said: “This growing practice has no place whatsoever in a civilised society that recognises the innate dignity and value of every human being. It has no justification on medical, religious or any other grounds whatsoever.”

Leading the Motion, Councillor Barbara Harris added, “After watching a report recently on this practice, I was horrified and felt I needed to speak out about it. Hounslow needs to confront the issue head on and give a voice to the victims that are afraid to speak out.”

January 28, 2014