Gap Yah 2: The Afterparty

Orlando and Tarquin are back and organising a fund-raising event for "Haiti, in Africa

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Gap Yah Student Becomes Comedy YouTube Cult


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Building on their cult status, the comedy group behind the YouTube phenomenon GapYah have released a sequel to the sketch entitled Gap Yah 2: Afterparty.

Featuring the asinine Orlando, this sketch show him chatting to his friend Tarquin on his mobile, while he and his friend place posters around a town to advertise a fund-raising event for "Haiti, in Africa".


Gap Yah was created and performed by Oxford University graduate Matt Lacey of sketch comedy theatre troupe The Unexpected Items and filmed by Chiswick resident Charlie Heniker in a front garden of a Rusthall Avenue home.

The video became a viral hit, with 660,000 views in its first month and around 50,000 "fresh hits a day" in late March 2010. By August 2010 the clip has been viewed over two million times.

Lines from the video have become part of student speak the acorss the country with the phrase "...and then I just chundered everywhere" being added to satirise election posters of prime minister David Cameron.

"It's a satire on the great number of people who seem to be leaving these shores to vomit all over the developing world," Matt Lacey told The Guardian.

Lacey also states that "depressingly, there are a lot of these people and I even have elements of them myself."

For clips of the Items in action, please visit youtube channel at:

September 7, 2010