Petition To Remove Ealing Garden Waste Charge

Southfield councillors say most residents do not want it

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Southfield Lib Dem councillors have organised a petition to ask Ealing Council to remove the charge for residents for collecting garden waste. Locals have to pay £40 a year and the charge is unpopular.

Gary Busuttil said: "Labour-run Ealing Council have put up the price of parking permits many times recently and by charging a whopping £40 to collect your garden waste, many people do not participate. This has meant that the Council is sending more waste to landfill, costing more of your money. Please sign our petition and send a message to the Town Hall."

Cllr Gary Malcolm said that hundreds of residents had already signed up to remove the charge.

The councillors have also organised a Petition to freeze Council parking charges and make recycling free.

"The Council should not charge residents money for recycling and we do not want any more increases to our parking and CPZ charges", they say.

They plan to hand in the petitions to Ealing Council shortly.

Other matters of interest to residents in the Southfield Road area are discussed in the latest bulletin including their bid to protect Marie's Store in Cunnington Street. The Lib Dems have lodged an application with the Council to have the store considered an 'Asset of Community Value'.

Another item of local interest is the agreement of a 20mph zone for Southfield. In the recent consultation, nearly 70% of residents wanted to see this introduced. A new crossing near the  Murco Garage on South Parade is also planned so residents can safely cross  Beaconsfield Road  and  South Parade  to reach Acton Green Common. In addition there will be a crossing at the  Fishers Lane  junction with South Parade.

January 31, 2014