Changes On Way For Local Schools Funding

New arrangement will see some schools lose money

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Local Councillors have been discussing changes to how local schools are funded.

Currently the council uses 37 different factors to calculate how much money is allocated to schools, but the Government want to reduce this to no more than 11.

This will mean some schools will receive more money next year and some will receive less.

Hounslow Council’s Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Steve Curran said, “The new arrangements will mean some schools will suffer, but the Government have left us with no other choice

“Of course, we are doing our best to minimise any negative impact on local schools’ budgets, and we are actively working to get the best possible outcome from what is a very difficult situation.”

However Councillor Peter Thompson (Cons) commented; "I do find Cllr Curran’s comments odd given that the Governments’ plans to create a funding system that is fair, logical and distributes extra funding towards pupils who need it most has been well received in the teaching profession . Professional bodies like the head teachers union the NAHT, have welcomed the proposal to limit the number of factors councils can consider when calculating individual school funds. They understand that this will help make the process of working out how much schools can receive much simpler and less burdensome for schools. Schools will also welcome the government’s commitment to maximum delegation to schools."

The Government have said that no school will gain or lose more than 1.5 per cent (per pupil) of funding as a result of the new formula, for the next two financial years.

Schools have been asked their views on the new arrangements for Hounslow, which are being considered by the Schools Forum, which represents local schools, before a proposal is sent to the Government at the end of the month.

October 13, 2012

October 15, 2012