Hounslow Council Launch New Recycling Campaign

Local residents give their stories on saving waste


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Local residents have become the faces of a new council campaign, I recycle because…, to encourage people to recycle more so that the money saved from sending waste to landfill can be used to support other council services. A number of roadshows around the borough have also been organised to give information on recycling.

Hounslow Council hasalso launched a poster campaign which will be seen on lamppost banners and the sides of the council’s waste and recycling vehicles, which features five residents who explain why they recycle and what services are important to them.

Local resident Seemab Ahmed explains that she recycles because it helps to support her local library, which she uses with her son Mustaf. Other residents including Madinah Nakabuyu, Aniko Vanosik and Kyle Miller, and Michael Fish explain that they recycle because it helps support playgrounds and pre-school activities for their children, and transport provision.

Linking to a theme close to many residents’ hearts, Jacky Lynd, explains that she recycles so that there is more to spend on cleaning Hounslow’s streets.

Cllr Colin Ellar, Hounslow’s cabinet member for environment, said:“People are very familiar with the idea that recycling is being ‘green’ and helping the environment but many don’t realise that if we can save money because we don’t have to send waste to landfill, we can reinvest that money in key services that residents want.

“I’m delighted that residents have been willing to put not just their name but their faces to this campaign and are doing their bit to encourage others to recycle.

“We’ll be doing some work with community leaders and groups to help spread this message across the borough, so that residents can see that there are more benefits to recycling than they may have thought.”

As well as the poster campaign, a team of doorsteppers will be out and about in Hounslow, Heston and Cranford over the next six weeks, telling residents about the council’s recycling services and how they can help to keep their streets clean and tidy.  This began last week, and the doorsteppers have so far knocked on 3,660 doors, speaking to 1,700 residents.

There will also be roadshows across the borough where residents can find out about recycling services, order more recycling containers and get information and advice from council officers.  An event aimed at community leaders to explain why recycling is important and to engage with local community groups is also being planned.

The roadshows will take place on:

  • Tuesday 11 th December, Hounslow High Street, 9am to 2pm
  • Wednesday 12 th December, Feltham High Street, 9am to 5pm
  • Thursday 13 th December, Brentford Morrison’s, 10am to 2pm

For more information, visit www.hounslow.gov.uk/recycling.


November 26, 2012