Hounslow Council Doubles Special Police Team

The extra ten special constables swells ranks to twenty

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Hounslow Council’s dedicated police team has doubled in size thanks to ten extra special constables joining. 

It means the team – which is based in the council’s Civic Centre – now has one sergeant and nine full time police officers along with the ten ‘specials’ – beefing up the unit to 20. 

Councillor Ed Mayne, cabinet member for community safety and regulatory services, said: “This is a massive boost to the team and will help the council and the police in our commitment to combat anti-social behaviour, benefit fraud and con-men. It’s further proof that this council is meeting its pledge to put more uniformed officers on the streets of Hounslow.” 

The London Borough of Hounslow Police team was set up to in 2011 help the council in a number of areas including patrolling housing estates, assisting in road safety education, and tackling issues around benefit fraud, licensing, trading standards and community safety. 

Chief Inspector Rob Weir, who is in charge of Partnership and Neighbourhood Policing at Hounslow police, said: “We have committed these ten extra officers to help continue the good work the team is already doing.  In fact some of these officers asked to join the team because they have heard of the sterling work the team has done.”

 The ten extra ‘specials ’ come at no cost to the council  

The council invests £285,000 a year in the unit.




April 19, 2013