Ruth Cadbury Selected As Labour Election Candidate

The Brentford councillor will challenge sitting MP Mary Macleod in 2015

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Brentford councillor Ruth Cadbury has been chosen to be the Labour Party candidate to challenge sitting MP Mary Macleod at the next general election for the Brentford and Isleworth constituency.

She has been involved in local politics for over twenty-five years and has lived in Brentford for 30 years with husband Nick. They have two sons both educated in local schools.

The only Chiswick candidate on the nomination list was Sam White.

Following a cabinet reshuffle at Hounslow Council last May, Cllr Cadbury stepped down from being lead member for Regeneration and Planning on the Council, amid speculation that she was going to focus on preparing to run for Labour in the Brentford and Isleworth constituency. She took over a role in planing and development instead.

Cllr Cadbury is one of three Labour councillors representing Brentford ward and was deputy-leader for two years before being replaced by Councillor Colin Ellar in May 2012.

Conservative MP Mary Macleod took the seat from Labour at the last election in 2010 beating long-time sitting MP Anne Keen by a margin of around 2,000 votes.

She has congratulated Ruth Cadbury on her selection and has called for a positive campaign about the future of the local area.

Mary said, “So much has been achieved in the constituency as a result of the changes implemented by the Conservative-led Government and the work we have done locally. Since the 2010 General Election, unemployment in our constituency has fallen by 11.3% and youth unemployment is now 17% lower. This is great news for our local area and it shows that we are on the right track."

Cllr Cadbury has been involved in campaigns for locals affected by Heathrow and helped secure £20 million to sound-insulate schools and retention of periods of quiet from aircraft noise.

A committed environmentalist, and keen cyclist, she is a committed Quaker and has led Barrow Cadbury Trust, one of Britain’s leading social justice foundations. As a senior Hounslow Borough councillor she was involved in initiating the regeneration of local Town Centres and securing the London Living Wage for all staff and contractors.

Ruth said: “Everyday in Brentford & Isleworth, we see the devastation being inflicted on ordinary families by the failed policies of this out-of-touch Government.

“People deserve a Government that stands up for them – not for a privileged few.  Our challenge is to take our positive message to the doorsteps of Brentford & Isleworth and show that Labour will take the action needed to deal with the cost of living crisis and build an economy that works for working people.


October 21, 2013