Big Crackdown On Anti-Social Behaviour Begins

Police join forces with Hounslow Council across the borough

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Hounslow council has joined forces with the Metropolitan Police and other local groups to launch a series of operations targetting anti-social behaviour over the next three months.

The series of police-led operations over the next 13 weeks will target a range of activities including littering, graffiti, street prostitution and drug abuse in Hounslow.

The summer campaign kicked off with the introduction of a six-month Dispersal Order in the Convent Way / Ringway area of Heston.  This means the police can ask people in a group of more than two, who they believe are causing a nuisance, to move on and not return to the area within 24 hours.

The Order follows last week’s successful community clean-up of front gardens in Kingsley Road, and comes a few weeks before a borough-wide Controlled Drinking Zone is launched on 19 July, to tackle nuisance street drinkers.

The summer initiative will also feature additional estate police officers patrolling the borough’s housing estates from mid-July, plus a roll-out of new litter-bins and enforcement action against litter louts. It also includes the support of John Laing Integrated Services, Hounslow HIghways and Hounslow Homes.

As part of the campaign, three priorities have been identified following local consultation across the borough’s four policing areas.  Residents' priorities are littering and fly-tipping, drunkenness and street drinking and inconsiderate vehicle use.

Local police have promised to residents to address these priorities:

  • to develop co-ordinated enforcement with Hounslow Council to deal with environmental offences
  • to work with Hounslow Council to introduce and enforce a borough-wide controlled drinking zone
  • to advertise and hold monthly surgeries where residents can raise emerging issues of anti-social behaviour. The four policing areas are:
  • Feltham, Bedfont and Hanworth
  • Heston, Cranford   and Osterley
  • Central Hounslow   and Isleworth
  • Chiswick and Brentford 

Cllr Jagdish Sharma, Leader of Hounslow Council, said: “Anti-social behaviour is a top priority for residents, the police, the council, housing providers and other partners, and we hope that this joint action will raise confidence that Hounslow is a safe place to for people to live and work.” 

Cllr Ed Mayne, Hounslow’s cabinet member for community safety and regulatory services, said:  “This 13-week campaign will tackle the problem of ASB head-on, and underlines our commitment to make the borough cleaner, safer and greener. This campaign is all about ‘Team Hounslow’ standing up to the selfish few and protecting our residents’ quality of life.”

Borough Commander Carl Bussey, from Hounslow Police said: “Our priorities for tackling ASB issues have been defined through consulting with residents, and we are taking action to address those concerns.  Only by working together can we make a real stand against anti-social behaviour.”

Neil Simpson, Director, Local Authority Operations, from John Laing Integrated Services said: “This integrated initiative is about making our streets, estates and parks, safer, cleaner and tidier for the people of Hounslow.  As part of this campaign, we will be planning a range of events throughout the summer to get people off the streets and into more community-focused activities.”

Rebecca Mastrogiannis, Environmental Services and Sustainability Manager from Hounslow Highways said: “We have a big part to play in helping to keep the borough’s streets clean and safe, and we are very happy to be part of this campaign, making Hounslow a better place to live.

Bernadette O’Shea, Chief Executive, Hounslow Homes said: “Hounslow Homes is pleased to be working on this collaborative effort and we hope that this exciting initiative will send a clear message that as a community we won't tolerate anti-social behaviour on our streets or in our homes.”


July 2, 2013