European Electors Urged To Register To Vote

Hounslow Council reminder of Euro Parliament election in May

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European Parliamentary elections are taking place on 22 May, and the council is urging residents from other EU countries to register if they want to take part in the UK vote.

For the elections, Hounslow is part of the London Region, and people will be voting for MEP’s to represent them in the European Parliament.

Mary Harpley, chief executive of the council and local returning officer for the European elections, said: “We have approximately 22,000 residents from the EU living in the borough, who are entitled to vote in the European Parliamentary elections.

“We have written to them all asking them to complete a form to confirm they wish to vote in the UK, and return it to us by 6 May.

“With local elections taking place on the same day as the European elections, it’s important people are correctly registered to make sure they can have their say.”

Residents from Britain, the Republic of Ireland, Malta or Cyprus do not need to complete the form as they are automatically entitled to vote in the European Parliamentary election.

For more information about the European Parliamentary Elections, visit:

The following shows the number of EU citizens living in the borough:

Austria 103 ; Hungary 424; Belgium 176; Italy 1298

Bulgaria 642; Lithuania 1226; Czech Republic 164; Luxembourg 2

Germany 895; Latvia 548; Denmark 169; Netherlands 799

Estonia 112; Poland 8130; Spain 944; Portugal 2435

Finland 110; Romania 1043; France 1280; Sweden 341

Greece 257; Slovenia 30; Croatia 36; Slovakia 405

March 5, 2014