Hounslow takes Heathrow fight to the Party Conferences

Seeking Assurances about Future Expansion


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Hounslow Council is stepping up the fight for a better Heathrow Airport for residents by attending all three party conferences, talking to leading politicians and seeking reassurance from them about noise and future expansion pressures.

Cllr Ruth Cadbury, Hounslow Council’s Deputy Leader, met several of Labour’s Shadow Cabinet members at the ACC Liverpool and told them about the negative impact Heathrow Airport has on residents in Hounslow, and what noise measures are needed to make life more bearable.

Cllr Cadbury asked Mary Creagh MP, Shadow Environment Secretary, to push the Government to ensure that an effective noise plan for Heathrow is put in place.

Last week the councillor went to Birmingham and met several leading Liberal Democrats. She said: “As the Lib Dems are now in Government, it’s important they also understand what Hounslow’s residents need.”

This week Cllr Barbara Reid will be taking the message to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

Hounslow Council is demanding a variety of improvement to Heathrow, including:

  • a noise insulation scheme that equals that of other UK and international airports
  • an eventual night flights ban – and phasing towards this objective
  • retention of the annual cap of 480,000 flights per year
  • retention of runway alternation

The council is also seeking assurances from Government including:

  • no return of the third runway proposal
  • landing charges and per plane tax to replace Air Passenger Duty (APD) to act as an incentive to improve the environment
  • a health impact assessment and other detailed research quantifying the noise and pollution impacts on our communities

Cllr Cadbury added: “The responses I’ve received this week from Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians have been really heartening. I think they’ve particularly appreciated hearing that just because the third runway has been put on the back burner doesn’t mean we are standing still, and that we’ll continue to lobby for a fairer Heathrow Airport for our residents.

 “Many politicians were also surprised to hear how poor the insulation for residents living close to Heathrow is, compared to that of other UK airports.

 “With planes overhead at least every 90 seconds and the traffic and transport congestion that comes with Europe’s busiest airport, Hounslow residents live in one of the noisiest and most polluted areas of the country. 

“Aviation lobbyists are pushing hard to reverse the decision on the third runway for Heathrow. Last week BAA attempted to once again justify Heathrow expansion, but they have to accept that the government has ruled this out in the South East and it’s necessary for the company to adjust their business model to deal with this fact.”

Mary Creagh, Shadow Environment Secretary said: “It was great to meet Cllr Ruth Cadbury and to hear about local concerns on noise pollution.

“This is an important issue that goes to the heart of the quality of life for residents in affected areas. I look forward to working with Hounslow Council to ensure that the Government has an effective noise plan in place.”

October 4, 2011