Eco Village Dealt Its Final Blow

Developers granted a possession order for Kew Bridge site

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The Eco Village at Kew Bridge has been dealt a final blow after St Georges PLC were granted a possession order at Brentford County Court.

The developers are now entitled to begin evicting the village's residents some of whom have already left the site to set up home on TfL owned land in further west in the borough whilst others have joined Parliament Square's protest camp.

Brentford blogger Green Dragon wrote, "In the eleven months since the occupation began the ecovillagers have proved to be excellent neighbours to the local community, giving much and asking little, and have been impressive in their commitment to a way of life which embraces and celebrates both people and the world in which we live in a caring and spiritual way. You will be missed."

The Eco-Village was established in June 2009 with an aim to showcase community based sustainable methods of living such as vegetable growing, compost toilets and are in the process of setting up tents and are cleaning the site of rubbish.

Its inhabitants were inspired by campaigns like The Land is Ours which campaigns peacefully for access to the land, its resources, and the decision-making processes affecting them, for everyone, irrespective of race, gender or age.


May 26, 2010

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