Voting in the Brentford Area - May 2006

Lib Dems, Tories and ICG gain more seats in local wards

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In the local wards there were significant changes with Labour wiped out in Syon ward by the Isleworth Community Group and just managing to hang on to two seats in Brentford. The Conservatives held onto all the seats in Osterley and Spring Grove comfortably as did the ICG in Isleworth.

Full details of the local ward results

The gain of three seats in Syon by the ICG built on their strong performance of 2002 when they narrowly lost out on taking these seats. The gains mean that they now control half the seats on the Isleworth and Brentford Area Committee. Previously Labour and the Conservatives had carved up the key positions on the planning and monitoring committees but it remains to be seen how the ICG will be able to use their extra voting power. The one Liberal Democrat councillor may hold the balance of power.


Candidate Party Votes
Ruth CADBURY Labour 1447 Elected
Matt HARMER Labour 1313 Elected
Andrew DAKERS Liberal Democrat 1265 Elected
Alan SHEERINS Labour 1214 -
Sunaina KUMAR Liberal Democrat 947 -
Thomas HEARN Conservative 824 -
John HUNT Green 815 -


Candidate Party Votes
Caroline ANDREWS Isleworth Community 1417 Elected
Jonathan HARDY Isleworth Community 1353 Elected
Shirley FISHER Isleworth Community 1329 Elected
Melvin COLLINS Labour 814  
Corinna SMART Labour 810  
Valerie LAMEY Labour 798  
Finian MANSON Conservative 524 -
Kulveer RANGER Conservative 458 -
Priscilla WINGATE-SAUL Liberal Democrat 449 -

Osterley and Spring Grove

Candidate Party Votes
Sheila O'REILLY Conservative 1428 Elected
Barbara REID Conservative 1398 Elected
Peter CAREY Conservative 1358 Elected
Antony LOUKI Labour 768 -
Nisma MALIK Labour 729 -
Tarlochan TOOR Labour 715 -
John James Liberal Democrat 611 -
Thomas BEATON Green 538 -
Cheryl-Ann KHAN Isleworth Community 346 -


Candidate Party Votes
Phil ANDREWS Isleworth Community 1240 Elected
Paul FISHER Isleworth Community 1163 Elected
Genevieve HIBBS Isleworth Community 1074 Elected
Christopher BOUCHER Labour 829  
Anthony McKENDRY Labour 767  
Susan SAMPSON Labour 823  
Shaun TAYLOR Liberal Democrat 384 -
Brenda POOLEY Conservative 448 -
Aarti BHANDERI Conservative 357 -
Donald BURLING Conservative 409 -


May 5, 2006