Labour Candidate Challenges Local MP On Bill

Ruth Cadbury criticises Mary Macleod for lobbying bill vote

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The Labour Party candidate for the next election, Ruth Cadbury, has criticised sitting MP Mary Macleod for voting against amendments to a controversial bill on lobbying. 

Clauses in the bill, which is claimed by government to be a response to lobbying scandals, have been condemned by charities and campaigning organisations from across the political spectrum including the Women's Institute, the Taxpayers' Alliance, Business for Britain, Oxfam and Amnesty International.

Ruth Cadbury said; "This draconian new bill silences legitimate opposition by imposing an arbitrary limit on how much legitimate interest groups can spend on campaigning, while not placing similar restrictions on corporate interests. The bill will deny large numbers of people and groups outside politics the chance of having their voices heard on major issues.  The House of Lords passed amendments to these clauses but the government wasted no time in whipping to overturn those amendments. 

Last Friday Mary Macleod, the Conservative MP for Brentford and Isleworth voted with the government. 

"Once again”, said Ruth Cadbury, “Mary Macleod has put her loyalty to David Cameron above the interests of her constituents. This bill seriously undermines our democratic rights and is more concerned with keeping the Tories in power than curbing the power of lobbyists"

January 31, 2014