Call For All-Party Support On Charing Cross

Ruth Cadbury wants a fresh consultation on hospital's future

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Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Brentford,and Isleworth, Ruth Cadbury, is calling for Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, to look again at the fate of Charing Cross Hospital.

“I have read Peter Thompson's posting about Charing Cross Hospital on the ChiswickW4 Forum,” Ruth Cadbury said, “and I am keen to put aside party differences and find common ground on Charing Cross Hospital.

"Peter and I both agree that the consultation Shaping a Healthier Future was far from ideal. The motion I proposed at council in September was not part of an electioneering strategy but in fact an appeal to Jeremy Hunt to rethink the proposals.

"I am now calling for Mary Macleod, Peter Thompson and Conservative councillors to join the Labour Party in asking Jeremy Hunt to hold a fresh consultation on Charing Cross Hospital's future.”

The future of Charing Cross Hospital was discussed at a lively meeting in Chiswick last weekend and has become a major issue in the local elections.

You can read about the meeting here

May 21, 2014