Bouncing Back In Time

Sliding through the iconic arches of Stonehenge is Sacrilege, but great fun.

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There are no gold medals and neither is it an Olympic sport, but you do get a whole lot of fun-filled bouncability. And that's on a normal bouncy castle. But if you thought that was fun, the inflatable Stonehenge, known as Sacrilege 2012, is a whole new bouncing experience.

Children and grown-ups from Chiswick and Hammersmith queued in the rain to have a go on Sacrilege 2012 when it came to Ravenscourt Park for a day last Tuesday (July 31). But despite the grey skies and slippery surface, everybody seemed to be having a great time.

Photo: Marysia Korzeniowska; Models: Francesca Pacinella & Sofia Panas-O'Brien

The organizers say it is an authentic replica of the world-famous heritage site. Sacrilege is a Co-Commission between the Mayor of London and Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. It will be popping up across the UK and London as part the London 2012 Festival and the Mayor of London’s Surprises programme, a series of free performances and projects throughout the city from 21 June to 09 September.

Photo courtesy of Marysia Korzeniowska; Models: Marysia Korzeniowska, Sofia Panas-O'Brien & Francesca Pacinella

Jack Collins

August 1, 2012