Coronation In Chiswick

Schoolchildren at Strand -on-the Green re-enact ceremony

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The children and staff at Strand-on-the-Green Infant and Nursery School in Chiswick joined together in celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee today.

The School welcomed the Archdeacon of Middlesex to school who led a re-enactment of the coronation of the Queen, under bunting and Union Jack flags.

The children wore special clothes and made their own crowns and flags for the occasion.


The school choir and some solo artists sang ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘Love me do’ by the Beatles whilst other talented children confidently read a Strand Jubilee Poem written by one of the Strand parents. School Council presented flowers to the Queen and the Archdeacon who also planted a special tree to commemorate the event. After the ceremony children enjoyed class picnics all around the school.

Flowers for Her Majesty

June 1, 2012